“Harmony” Electric Multiple Unit Train

Fuzhou – “Harmony” (和谐号) Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains have reportedly started serving on the Fuzhou-Wenzhou railway on Monday. Eight units are said to be heading for Shanghai, six units for Hangzhou and two units for Wenzhou. The distance between Fuzhou and Wenzhou is 298.4 kilometers long (230 of which are in Fujian), and the design speed is between 200 and 250 kilometers per hour, writes Apple Travel. The trains are expected to shorten journeys between Fuzhou and Wenzhou from five to two hours.

The first train left Fuzhou for Wenzhou on Monday at 7.44 local time, reports Singapore’s Morning News (联合早报), quoting Xinhua. The Morning News’ article includes a photo of one of the trains. Journeys from Fuzhou to Wenzhou are to take 100 minutes, it will take five hours from Fuzhou to Hangzhou, and six hours from Fuzhou to Shanghai, reducing conventional train journeys on these routes by more than half, according to the report.

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