Vote Casted

I’ll be out of town on Sunday, so I went voting in advance. I had no idea how this works, until arriving in that office room. Gave them my polling card and got a ballot paper, and a deposition paper (to confirm that it was me, that if it wasn’t my own vote, that I was entitled to vote on someone else’s behalf, and so on). Went into one of the polling booths, put the ballot paper into a small blue envelope and closed it, then put everything into a big red envelope, closed that one, too, and put it into the ballot box.

I skipped a few elections in the past, but didn’t want to this time, as I was sure which party I’d like to see in government. And I’m also very sure which parties I do not want to see in government.

And if shit happens anyway, it will be a better feeling to have voted otherwise myself.

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