Global Affairs: Obama’s Mailbag

White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and María Otero, Under Secretary of Global Affairs, met the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala on September 13, according to the Chicago Sun-Times of September 14. The paper quotes the Dalai Lama’s office:

Ms. Jarrett discussed with His Holiness on the best way the United States could assist in the resolution for the Tibetan issue, particularly in the light of the first visit by President Obama to China in November. His Holiness conveyed to Ms. Jarrett the issues that he would like President Obama to take when he visits China. His Holiness also conveyed his strong belief that the United States and China need to have very good and principled relations.

Barack Obama will travel to China in November, and won’t meet the Dalai Lama during the latter’s visit to the U.S. in October. One of Ms Jarrett’s and Ms Otero’s objects during their visit to Dharamsala was to explain that because Obama is scheduled to pay his first visit to China in November, it would be better not to meet the Dalai Lama in October. Instead, they said, there could be a meeting after Obama’s China trip, writes the China Post.

One Comment to “Global Affairs: Obama’s Mailbag”

  1. That the Chinese government managed, or scripted, Barak Obama while not budging on the issues says something about the Chinese character that few outside of China realize. I’ve just posted on this at, drawing on my visit to China.


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