Credos and Platitudes: Division of Labor

In the past, Russia was a closed society and had to produce cars by itself, and planes by itself. That’s no good development pattern. […] Now you (Russia) can no longer draw on the assistance of the rather backward Soviet system. Russia has really lost an empire, but you have obtained opportunities of rapid growth and fast learning.

过去的俄罗斯是个封闭的社会。要自己生产汽车,也要制造飞机。这并非发展的好模式。[…..] 现在,你们(俄罗斯)无须再为前苏联体制下的较落后共和国提供援助。俄罗斯确实是失去了一个帝国,但是你却得到了快速增长、快速学习的机会.”

Lee Kuan Yew (李光耀), Singapore’s senior minister and former prime minister, on a Q & A session on a forum at Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, Moscow, on Sunday. He also referred to China and Singapore as countries connecting to the global economy.

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