Woeser: Tea with State Security

[Explanation: “Tea Invitations”]


Last time, she was informed about the “invitation” a day in advance, Woeser notes. This time, on Friday, it was only 90 minutes in advance.

Two state security agents were there, and one of them informed her of a talk he had had with her mother. Her mother was very worried about her, he told Woeser. He also said that he and his colleagues “did everything humanly possible”.  Woeser posted some of their instructions.

  • Let us remind you, do nothing that violates the law (提醒你,不要做触犯法律的事情.)
  • The way you speak gets out of the line. (你的言论很出格了.)
  • You support your family, that’s good. You speak your mind, that’s good. But you must make sure that what you say doesn’t break the law. (你为了养家糊口也好,表达心声也好,要注意你的言论不要触犯法律.)
  • You ought to diligently study the law. (你应该学习学习法律.)
  • Let us remind you, there have been people who said more than you, and there have been people who have said less than you and who have entered before. You should know – some of them are your friends. (提醒你,比你说的多的,比你说的少的,已经进去的不少了。你应该知道,你的朋友圈子里面,有这样的人.)
  • If you go on like this, you will run into a wall. When the time comes, nobody will help you. That applies for you, that also applies for Wang Lixiong. He’s now in America, but when he’s back, we’ll call on him as usual. (你要这么下去,撞了墙也行,到时候,谁也帮不了你。你一样,王力雄也一样。他现在美国,回来了也照样找他).

Asking where exactly the agents believed she broke the law, Woeser was told that she should take a look at criminal law (看看刑法).

Woeser asked if it was about her blog, or her writing. What she wrote was factual, she said, and her blog was her personal space.

She was told that she might think so (那是你自己认为). Didn’t what she wrote refer to Tibet and Xinjiang?

So in the end, Tibet and Xinjiang were mentioned after all.

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