Household Registration System: A Personal Opinion

Fan Jiancheng Pan Jiancheng (潘建成), the National Bureau of Statistics Economic Monitoring Center‘s deputy director, only expressed his personal point of view when saying that abolishing China’s household registration system (中国取消户籍制成历史必然) was historically inevitable. A statement published on the National Bureau of Statistic’s website last night said that Fan Pan’s opinion didn’t represent the Office’s views. Pan Fan had said that no matter if compared with countries on the same stage of development as China’s, or compared with developed countries, China’s degree of urbanization was comparatively low. The household registration system hampered both the scale of urbanization, and the quality of urban services, he  argued. Because of the system, there were people living in the cities who had to remain on the status of peasants. The existence of the household registration system wasn’t harmonious (不和谐的).

The first household registration system was established on September 1, 1958.


Related: “Agriculture will inevitably shed huge numbers of workers”, School of Social Sciences at UC Irvine, around 2002

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