Chen Shui-bian sentenced to Life in Prison

Former Taiwanese president Chen Shui-bian was found guilty on six charges by Taipei District Court, and  sentenced to life in prison today, reports the BBC. In addition, Chen and his wife, Wu Shu-chen, were fined $15 mn.


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8 Responses to “Chen Shui-bian sentenced to Life in Prison”

  1. This should distract voters from the fact that Ma Yingjiu cares more about selling the country to China than he does about people’s lives.


  2. I’m not sure if Ma wants to sell Taiwan, or if he really believes that his policies are good for sustainable economic growth. But if Taiwan wanted to fight against corruption, I have the strong feeling that many leading KMT politicians would have been a more worthwile target than Chen Shui-bian. Anyway – this was a busy Friday, and I’ll start thinking about politics tomorrow morning…


  3. Ma’s agenda is to sell off Taiwan and his loyalty to his motherland, China, is implicitly expressed on how he named his children. His show of “pragmatism” is a disguise to appeal to the western leaders, especially the US, that he is a peace maker instead of a trouble maker. But many years from now, history will prove that Ma is the beginning of all sort of troubles in international peace and security once Taiwan is annexed to China. To reverse this trend, western leaders have to observe Ma with caution.

    Without former TW president’s case to divert people’s attention, Ma cannot cover-up his incapability to govern.


  4. One of his daughters is Ma Yuan-chung (馬元中), right? I seem to remember that he said publicly even before his election (in a CNN interview, anyway) that he is “both” Chinese and Taiwanese. But that doesn’t make me believe that he wants to sell Taiwan to Beijing.
    But yes – further loss of international leeway for Taiwan, and growing Chinese control over Taiwan could become results of his policies – intentionally or not. So far, he doesn’t look like a good president. Not to mention the governing party.


  5. Former President Chen has also revealed to the world that the Republic of China on Taiwan is not a sovereign nation, and that in fact during the period of his Presidency he frequently took orders from US government officials.

    His legal team in the United States is pursing the legal argument that in fact Taiwan is “occupied territory of the United States of America.” They have filed a lawsuit in the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in Washington D.C. Hopefully, this lawsuit can help Mr. Chen to obtain his freedom.

    More details are available at —


  6. the legal argument that in fact Taiwan is “occupied territory of the United States of America.” They have filed a lawsuit in the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in Washington D.C.
    This looks like an interesting theory. But who can verify it? It would have taken a Taiwanese declaration of independence, and a subsequent American crackdown – or coup d’état, depending on ppls’ belief in this theory – to add some evidence.
    Or American inaction upon a declaration of independence to falsify the theory.
    Seems to me that the U.S. was more interested in Taiwan’s geostrategic position, than in its state’s denotation.


  7. The fact that Taiwan is actually occupied territory of the United States of America is dissected, explained, and verified in the many essays on this website —



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