Net Nanny: Lots of Tea

tea, anyone?

Net Nanny: tea, anyone?

My job is a heavy burden. I have to read malicious and misleading articles in unhealthy foreign magazines every day, to keep it all away from the easily impressible dim people of our great nation. Stuff such as this from the so-called Economist of September 5, page 62, entitled “A harmonious and stable crackdown”.


What a hopelessly sick heap of bullshit. Those sick minds who think up such ugly fiction just as we are approaching the happy arrival of sixtieth anniversary of our great People’s Republic are of course enemies of the Chinese people. But let me tell you this: there are no crackdowns here. There are only invitations for tea.

Sometimes, we invite bad elements for just some cups of tea, and the whole matter will only last for an afternoon. Sometimes we invite the bad elements for a lot more cups of tea, which is also very harmonious. And sometimes we kick people out who have stayed for tea for too long.

And while you are chewing on these truths about the Real Estate China, I suggest that you learn the following by heart:

Uphold the basic economic system with public ownership playing a dominant role and diverse forms of economic ownership developing together, and with the practice of distribution according to work being carried out as the mainstay alongside other forms of distribution.

Harmonious and festive greetings

Net Nanny

3 Responses to “Net Nanny: Lots of Tea”

  1. You, my friend, are an evil genius. Fabulous post. You have managed to encapsulate a whole summer of rage on this issue which I have personally been unable to articulate.



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