Urumqi Party Committee’s Secretary sacked

Beijing has reportedly sacked Urumqi’s municipal party committee’s secretary, Li Zhi (栗智), and started adjusting the Xinjiang Public Security Department, after five deaths in recent days, and demonstrations in the city on Saturday, reports Deutsche Welle. The protests had been triggered by syringe attacks, mostly on Han citizens, and China’s police minister Meng Jianzhu (孟建柱) blamed people of Uyghur nationality wanting independence (要求独立的新疆维吾尔少数民族人士) for the attacks. Xinhua News Agency quoted officials saying the perpetrators belonged to the Uyghur nationality. On Thursday, Li Zhi had referred to the syringe stabbing attacks as a grave terrorist crime aiming at creating ethnic division and stirring up ethnic antagonism in a bid to overturn social order, split the motherland and split the Chinese nation.

Similar syringe attacks occured in Tianjin in 2002, according to Deutsche Welle. Reportedly, the needles back then carried the blood of people infected with AIDS. The motives of the perpetrations back then are apparently unknown.

The Telegraph on the other hand reports that to date, rumors of AIDS patients attacking people with infected needles have later been shown to be unfounded. According to Xinhua, victims of the needle stabbings in Urumqi are currently examined for diseases related to radioactive substance, anthrax and toxic chemicals.

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