Kim in the Computer Room

Comrades: I will dictate, and you’ll write after me.

A good education is what a country rises and falls with. This must be given great attention. Every school must train its students to become qualified personnel, to complete the task of building a prosperous country. And the students must study diligently. Starting with primary and secondary school, computer education must also be strengthened, to enable the students to skillfully use computers.

Kim in the Computer Room

Kim in the Computer Room

According to Xinhua, North Korea’s KCNA news agency didn’t inform about the time and day Kim Jong-il inspected. The place apparently was a middle (high) school in Munchon, Kangwon-do. News published by KCNA on August 29 / by Xinhua on August 30.


Kim Jong-il, Pancreatic Cancer? – July 13, 2009
Profile Kim Jong-il, BBC News, January 16, 2009

2 Comments to “Kim in the Computer Room”

  1. JR,
    The picture from XH is hilarious.

    I saw that same kind of plotter in 1989-90, I used a software that goes by the name SIMION, also another software GIOS, developed by University of Giessen, we had the same kind of setup to plot the ION optic trace,, mostly for Einzel lense design, for plasma beam.

    I think the university thrown out those since 90s.


  2. Well, I suppose North Korea would be a lucky country if every primary and secondary school had this stuff in its computer room, as outdated as it may be! That, and a lot of porridge.


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