Hermit: Taiwan Loves the Motherland

Hermit the Passionate Patriotic Taoist Dragonfly: Patriotism Knows No Class Background

Hermit the Passionate Patriotic Taoist Dragonfly: Patriotism Knows No Class Background

Hello Children,

the Labor Party (劳动党) in Taiwan is somewhat zuopai, and we would therefore definitely ban it here on the mainland, but its patriotic action in Taiwan is commendable! Today, they took part in ten organizations’ protests outside the headquarters of the DPP in Taipei. They understand the true nature of the invitation of the Dalai to Taiwan, and point out that he has all along been engaged in separatist activities, and only distracts from reconstruction work!

Besides, Ms Ji Xin (纪欣) of the Alliance for the Reunification of China delivered an in-depth analysis and exposed the Dalai’s true nature and the DPP’s political conspiracy! And Wu Rongyuan (吴荣元) of the Labor Party pointed out that reconstruction and Taiwan long-term social stability require political stability, and maintaining cross-straits relations, and peaceful development!

The protest was led by Labor Party’s Secretary-General Tang Shu (唐曙) who let the people know that stories about formaldehyde in emergency homes handed to the needy island of Taiwan by the benevolent CCP was a rumor spread by the DPP [and their willful agent C.A., for that matter] which has made irresponsible remarks (民进党就一直在说三道四)!

From this you see, children, that when such an important matter as the unity of the motherland is at stake, people of very different class backgrounds can come together and foil sinister attempts on our unity.

As Hong Kong Secretary for Constitutional Affairs Stephen Lam said in 2006, after the return to the motherland, Hong Kong’s achievements have gained widespread international recognition!

I’ll leave you with a beautiful story, children. It took the Monkey five hundred years to get smart. But Ms Ji and Mr Comrade Tang and Comrade Wu are already wise, and they are only so young!

Don’t think too much about it. Too much thinking is unhealthy. Just be ambitious, lose no time and become wise at an earlier date.

If you think you can take your time and spend 500 years without your loving compatriots from the mainland, you are dead-wrong.

You better can’t wait. Got to fly now.


“Police gave … Multiple Warnings to Break Up the Illegal Assembly”, Taipei Times, August 30, 2009

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