Systematic Thinking: Concerning Traitors

Concerning Traitors

armchair politician's patriotic lecture

armchair politician's patriotic lecture

As for traitors, everybody associates [the concept with] those famous traitors, such as Wu Sangui etc.. It’s also not difficult to see from history that those who did the greatest harm to the Han nationality are traitors. I think that once people do harm to the Han nationality’s traditional culture, to the Han nationality’s overall interests, let the Han nationality forget the subjugation and doom of the nation, they are traitors. A traitor doesn’t have to belong to a certain organization, he only needs to match the definition. No matter which organization, how high their position, which sex, they are all traitors. Now there are a lot of traitors in China. Traitors frequently harm the Han nationality’s survival and development, therefore we must revive Han culture, educate the Great Han’s subjects, let the traitors awake so that there are less and less traitors, expose the traitors in broad daylight, let the Han people all awaken, build the cultural renaissance and the education of the entire Han nationality, [so that] the Han nationality can rise from doom and subjugation, and become the world’s number one nation.




even more daring armchair politician

even more daring armchair politician

Today’s evil comprador forces are traitors.


9 Responses to “Systematic Thinking: Concerning Traitors”

  1. Kind of, methinks. But I’m not sure how much the CCP still likes the degree of nationalism in the country, and how much it may feel that nationalism is becoming dangerous. Nationalism is certainly a way of instrumentalizing small insignificant idiots, but if a real lot of small insignificant idiots march into an unplanned direction, they can threaten the political system. See above:
    o matter which organization, how high their position, which sex, they are all traitors.



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