JR’s Weekender: Deliberations on a More Comprehensive Questionnaire

Xin Min Poll: This Picture is Incomplete

Xin Min Poll: This Picture is Incomplete

The 13th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee has opened the first round of deliberations on the Shanghai Regulations on Smoking in Public Places (上海市公共场所控制吸烟条例) draft, and the city’s Xinmin Website (新民网) publishes the draft for discussion. An online poll asks:

Shanghai’s legislation wants to establish designated smoking areas, what do you think of it? (沪立法公共场所分类禁烟,你怎么看?)

Answers available:

a) Commendable! A good regulation which I actively support. (赞!好规定,积极支持)
b) I’m disappointed. The areas where smoking will be prohibited are too small. (失望,禁烟范围仍不大)
c) I can’t live without smoking. (不能抽烟,简直没法活)
d) Enforcement can’t keep up with the regulation. (监管跟不上等于空法规)

JR was looking for e), but there are no further voting options available. So the results will either  suggest that the voters want such regulations (be it in accordance with the current draft, be it in a more tightened form), or that they are sorry, unhealthy addicts.

Anyway, JR is sure we all agree that these four answers won’t allow for a complete picture of Xin Min readers’ opinions. So here is JR’s suggested amendment to the online poll. Suggested additional answers:

e) If there is something which makes our city a beautiful garden, it is that it leaves people alone at least on this issue.

f) Even the worst enemies of the Chinese people appreciate our relaxed attitude towards tobacco and alcoholic drinks. Let’s convince them that we are a more friendly and relaxed society than they expected.

g) Some of the worst enemies of the Chinese people praise our “relaxed attitude towards tobacco and alcoholic drinks”. To ban smoking is patriotic.

h) I like the lack of enforcement referred to under (d). It enables police to arrest unpatriotic elements without the need to make up other accusations than smoking in the wrong place.

i) Smoking kills feelings. It’s easier to fuck people in the ass so long as they are allowed to smoke. This shit wouldn’t have happened if people had smoked more.

j) Chairman Mao smoked, too, and never asked for permission. A ban on smoking is unpatriotic.

k) Ban Western brands (they only want to kill us), but don’t ban Golden China Brands [entering this website if you are younger than 21 is unpatriotic, and uncivilized]

l) Smoking doesn’t kill instantly. Just take it easy.

Additional suggestions are welcome, as these deliberations are going on.

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