Wu Sike corrects some Biased Views

Maybe you sometimes wondered why the Chinese foreign ministry employs a special representative for the Middle East. And if you’ve never heard of him before, his name is Wu Sike (吴思科), and he’s actually pretty busy these days. It’s not so much because he’s going to bring peace to the holy land, but to because he’s teaching the muslims a bit of history. And if the muslims didn’t know (some Turks I know are somewhat cross concerning the 7-5 incident), Wu Sike has news for them:

Islamic countries from government to the people, all understand and support the measures the Chinese government took to maintain stability.


He made his brave statement on a news briefing after his return to Beijing on August 11, after touring Qatar, Algeria, Syria, and Iran. Let’s hope that this very small and insignificant misguided minority which took to the streets in Turkey will act in a more informed way from now.

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