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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Global Times Coverage of Open Constitution crackdown

China’s Global Times, the quickest online publication since the invention of online publications, reports today that Xu Zhiyong was arrested at 5 a.m. on July 29. The publication also quotes Lu Jun, chief coordinator of the Beijing Yirenping Center, a non-profit organization devoted to helping patients fight discrimination and protect their own rights, who apparently finds it a bit unusual that a corporation (the Open Constitution Initiative) is forced to the edge of bankruptcy by imposing a harsh fine of more than a million yuan.

The Global Times apparently decided that it was time to ask questions, but phone calls and interview requests to the Beijing Municipal Office, the State Administration of Taxation (on July 30) and Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau on August 5 haven’t led to new insights yet.

As JR is currently using a computer which doesn’t read Chinese, he can’t check if the Chinese edition of the Global Times (Huanqiu) is carrying out similar inquiries.


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