Propaganda will Set You Free

The China Voluntary Service Foundation‘s first board of directors held its first meeting in Beijing on July 19. Liu Yunshan, permanent member of the polit bureau, secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of China Central Committee (书记处书记), and propaganda minister [update/correction: propaganda director] (中宣部部长), sent a congratulatory letter.

Among the newly-established foundation’s tasks will be the promotion of spiritual civilization (精神文明), an increasing sense of responsibility, a sense of mission, and a sense of urgency to make the establishment of spiritual civilization a strategic task of voluntary service, and to build a volunteering philosophy which would build a system based on core values of socialism, Xinhua News Agency wrote on July 19 this year.

The propaganda minister’s [correction: propaganda director’s] congratulatory letter included references to the Deng Xiaoping Theories (邓小平理论) and to Jiang Zemin‘s Three Represents (三个代表). The organization mainly responsible for the Foundation’s future work is – apparently – the CPC’s, not the government’s  Central Propaganda Department (中央宣传部), and the foundation will be located at the Central Civilization Office (中央文明办).

A more tangible measure to be carried out by the Voluntary Service Foundation is a scheduled action of love and attention for the empty nest elderly, and a scheduled Help-for-Xinjiang action by bilingual teaching volunteers.

While not all legal services in Beijing appeared to be welcome to the authorities during recent weeks, a volunteer group of 30 lawyers and 70 law school graduates left Beijing [on July 30] bound for 70 counties without lawyers in remote western areas to offer legal aid services, China Daily reported on July 31. Then again, most of the thirty volunteer lawyers are members of the Communist Party, according to the paper.

And the Central Propaganda Department will probably make sure that none of them picks up a case that might disturb the choreography.


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