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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hermit: Uncle Wen too Kind but not TOO Kind

Hello Children,

Hermit: Hello Children

Hermit the Harmonious Taoist Dragonfly calls on you to take a correct stance and understand the true nature of the rumors.

Gordon Chang, the restless traitor to our motherland,  says that our good Uncle Wen, the People’s Premier, is being undermined by our beloved Chairman Hu, because of “unhappiness with Premier Wen Jiabao‘s management of the economy”. These are, of course, ugly rumors as our enemies and their Gordon Chang always like to spread them. But of course, Chang has no idea – traitors to the motherland have no guanxi and get no access to neibu information. So you can see that he is making it all up.

Then again, it may be that there is a very small minority of bad elements which do think that Uncle Wen is too kind. But good elements like the other Gordon, that’s Gordon Brown, and great patriots like LuvChina would also say that Uncle Wen is too kind, but that doesn’t mean that they think he’s too kind. That’s a cultural difference, children, and when you grow up, you will understand it.

Wen Jiabao the too-kind General Li of the State Council

Wen Jiabao the too-kind General Li of the State Council

For now, all you need to know is that you must be prepared to counter the schemes of some real bad elements. Net Nanny, for example, sanctimoniously says that Uncle Wen is too kind and in her case, it does mean that she thinks that he’s too kind. Besides, she also keeps saying that our Country Father Sun Yatsen was too kind. Also, she says that Comrade Cai Mingzhao is a “wussy” while in fact, he’s only too kind. So you can see her true nature and the poor quality of her arguments, and her incorrect position.

Hu the Roaring Chairman

Hu the Roaring Chairman

So in fact, our collective leadership is very united, but if you should ever see our beloved People’s Premier roar very vocally and show his teeth on CCTV, in sort of the way Chairman Hu did here when he heard the ugly rumors our enemies spread about Nuctech, you will know that it’s the code facial expression that calls us good elements to rally around Uncle Wen and to close ranks around him.

If you know what I mean. If you don’t understand it yet, ask your Moms and Dads to explain it to you, and make sure they take a correct stance and  join the cause of supporting our People’s Premier, too.

So stay tuned to CCTV, and don’t miss the moment when the time has come, if it comes.

Got to spy fly now. Stay patriotic, children.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Glory of Chinese Re-Education

Fifteen or sixteen year-old Deng Senshan, a former internet addict, is no longer addicted to the internet. The treatment came at the equivalent of 700 Euros, according to Closer.

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