Namibia Graft Probe: “Defendants bought two Farms”

In absence of his clients, Teckla Lameck, her business partner and fellow member of Teko Trading CC, Kongo Mokaxwa, and Chinese national Yang Fan, defense lawyer Sisa Namandje asked for postponing a hearing for releasing the defendants on bail a week ago. All property of the defendants is currently confiscated, and there is therefore no money at the disposal of the accused for depositing bailment. The Prosecutor General asked the High Court on July 6 to issue a restraint order over an array of assets connected to the defendants, and judge president Petrus Damaseb granted the order. Defendents referred to the restraint order application as demented.

An investigator with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Nelius Becker, told the court on Friday last week that 55 million US-$ were paid for the equipment bought from Nuctech. The Namibian ministry of finance paid more 12 mn of it, while the Chinese government provided a loan of 42 mn US-$. Teckla Lameck’s and Kongo Mokaxwa’s Teko Trading CC allegedly acted as a go-between without knowledge of the ministry of finance which transferred the 12 mn US-$ to Nuctech as agreed – 4.2 mn of which Nuctech then transferred to a Teko Trading account, Namibia’s Allgemeine Zeitung wrote on July 23. According to the ACC’s investigator Becker as quoted by the paper, these 4.2 mn US-$ were shared between the three defendants who then started “a wild shopping orgy”, buying two farms, several vehicles and other possessions. Investigations were continuing, Becker announced.

General prosecutor Martha Imalwa was reportedly in Beijing recently to ask Hu Haifeng, Nuctech’s president until last year, to testify as a witness – not as a defendant – in the trial. Imalwa wasn’t available for comments, as she was on sick-leave, according to the Allgemeine Zeitung‘s report of last week.

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