“Reluctant to Face a Stronger China”

Mr Opfermann estimated that German companies were losing about €50 billion ($87 billion) and 30,000 jobs to industrial espionage every year. […]

“Old-fashioned” methods were also rife, such as phone-tapping, stealing laptops during business trips or Chinese companies that regularly sent spies to infiltrate companies.

“We’ve dealt with several cases of Chinese citizens on work experience in German companies who stole highly sensitive information from them,” Mr Opfermann said.

Sydney Morning Herald, July 25, quoting Walter Opfermann, office for counter-intelligence for the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, commenting on alleged industrial espionage, notably from Russia and China

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“Those numbers he brought up were ridiculous […] Maybe there are some cases of stealing carried out by individuals or certain Chinese companies, but to say China depends on stealing from others is to discredit China’s 30 years of development. […] Opfermann is either feeling the threat from Chinese manufacturers or is reluctant to face a stronger China.”

Ding Chun, director of the Germany Study Institute of China, quoted by the China Global Times


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6 Responses to ““Reluctant to Face a Stronger China””

  1. Good to see that China Global Times isn’t just another crappy old party mouthpiece wrapped up in colorful paper.

    Here’s some interesting historical perspective:


  2. I think it’s good that the way the CCP is apparently using Chinese nationals is becoming a topic. The challenge will be to remain fair and not to blow matters out of proportions. All the same, I can imagine that even Chinese people of integrity can come under a lot of pressure from their government to become an extension of the nation. Political correctness wouldn’t be a smart response here. Beijing’s concepts are pretty much at odds with globalization.



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