JR Intelligence: False Heads, New Clues?

Jakarta – The JR Intelligence Unit (JIU) believes that the two heads found on the site of the July 16 Jakarta bombings are in fact the replicas of two old Chinese replicas. Hermit’s theory is that World Uighur Congress agents stole them while they were on their way to Beijing by post, sent by JR in exchange for his letters which had gone missing in China during the past two decades.

Hermit’s theory is now under investigation by the JIU, but if it holds water, Rebiya Kadeer should be very afraid! Because it would be even more proof, in addition to already overwhelming proof, that the World Uyghur Congress and the Dailai are engaging in splittist and terrorist activities!

The JR Intelligence Unit has always doubted that the two heads should belong to the perpetrators. After all, how could those terrorists do forty virgins on the other side of the cupboard if they are all heads only? Therefore, Hermit’s theory makes perfect sense. Be afraid, Ms Kadeer! Be very afraid!

3 Comments to “JR Intelligence: False Heads, New Clues?”

  1. I like the way Global Times listed these two as news reports as “related” to the Jakarta suicide bombing:

    Urumqi riot suspects to be arrested
    Police shoot dead two suspects, injure another in Urumqi


  2. Yeah. But you must admit that the JIU is doing an even better job.


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