Memorable Quotations from Qin Gang

“As for what you can and cannot watch, watch what you can watch, and don’t watch what you cannot watch.”

Quoted by Underthejacaranda, quoting China Digital Times (apparently suspended), quoting Qin Gang, China’s foreign ministry spokesman.

And if you ever accused Qin Gang of an undifferentiated view of Tibet‘s and Xinjiang‘s leaders in exile, you might consider eating your words now – here is a memorably differentiated quote of July 17, 2009:

“One is female, while the other is male.”

This said, this is only a quote which can be attributed to Mr Qin, as far as JR can see. The source virtualreview quotes from and links to (China Daily) is either currently removed not available, or it never existed. Try the link there from virtualreview.

3 Responses to “Memorable Quotations from Qin Gang”

  1. The reason why I wrote that blogpost on Qin Gang is because there’s been quite a few similar Chinese posts circulating recently. A few of them had created quite a sensation among Chinese netizens. But then for some mysterious reasons, they disappeared one after the other. There were apparently some controversies with my last quotation – the one about the post office. Some reckon it is only a parody (or 惡搞 ) while others claim that its a true record of what actually happened. Which version of event do you think is the truth?


  2. Qin Gang’s recommendation to go to a post office isn’t included in the <a href=""transcript of the June 25 press conference. So if the spokesman really said that, it was probably deemed unfortunate afterwards, and omitted. But then, I believe that foreign correspondents would have reported it anyway.
    Some calculated arrogance is nothing unusual, but talking about the benefits of post offices would have made the foreign ministry look backward, wouldn’t it?
    Btw, I should complete my above quote about female and male splittist elements:
    That little gem is recorded anyway.



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