Kim Jong-il: Pancreatic Cancer?

Yonhap television news (YTN) reports that North Korea’s party and military chief Kim Jong-il is suffering from pancreatic cancer.  YTN is supposed to have gathered the information from unidentified Chinese and South Korean intelligence sources.

Early Monday, YTN’s Beijing-based correspondent said that doctors had diagnosed Mr. Kim with the cancer when he was being treated for a stroke. The Wall Street Journal‘s Evan Ramstad sees only little evidence that Mr. Kim is trying to keep his family dynasty going by pushing his third and youngest son into a position to succeed him when he dies.

4 Responses to “Kim Jong-il: Pancreatic Cancer?”

  1. Enjoy this old clip. Incidentally the chief in question does look like the person in this joke..



  2. Phh – very funny. Hermit and all the peace-and-progress-loving people of the world are in tears because of the loss of one great leader and soon another dear leader, and you are posting silly videos? A lightning from Mount Baekdu shall hit you for this sacrilege.


  3. The mountain surely is very scenic.

    I am curious if accessible from outside world. It should be nice for tourism and boost of economy for the poor North Koreans.




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