Qin Gang and Hermit oppose Dalai Lama’s Latest Honorary Citizenship…

Stunt jackal

Stunt jackal takes advantage of inconsistencies

that one from Paris. But any other honorary citizenship for that jackal too, of course. But as only Mr Qin, a government spokesman in Beijing, is paid for his statements, Hermit would like to economize on his time and refer you to an old keynote interview of hisself where he said it all before.

Besides, the honorary citizenship for the Dalai Lama is also very unscientific, Chinese experts say. It’s a stunt and wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t a big inconsistency between national and municipal matters in France.

P.S.: This post links to Xinhuanet. Hermit thinks that plurality and diversity in our use of accurate and scientific sources is very important. Over all the fuss about China Global Times, we must never forget Xinhua and China Daily.

6 Comments to “Qin Gang and Hermit oppose Dalai Lama’s Latest Honorary Citizenship…”

  1. Isn’t granting citizenship is an internal business ? Isn’t interfering of others’ internal matters hurting people’s feeling ? Is this a signal we can all interfere with Chinese internal affairs and hurting their feeling now ?


  2. No, I think you’ve gotten Mr Qin and Hermit completely wrong, johnsmith. Of course, the New Tibet has nothing to do with the old society of serfdom, but the Dailai is turning a very small minority of otherwise happy liberated serfs into a very dangerous mob, unless he goes and hangs himself. It’s not for you and me to define what is Beijing’s biz, and what is not. It’s only for the correct Chinese leadership to decide. Hope this will sink in. Otherwise, re-read the a/m interview, and learn it by heart.


  3. Comrade johnsmith, you obviously fail to appreciate the Party’s scientific approach here.

    Using an exacting discipline known as Logic With Chinese Characteristics, they have established that by granting His Holiness honorary citizenship of City of Paris, the French have interfered in Chinese affairs.

    Whereas the Chinese government, telling the very same French what they can, or cannot do on their own sovereign territory… er, OMG, this isn’t going the right way, is it… stop the presses! Look at all those hurt feelings… Noooooooo!


  4. Comrade Neddy:
    I have no doubt that you are a well-intentioned, highly-motivated learner of Logic with Chinese Characteristics (and a high degree of French autonomy). But next time, you should use an offline editor and train your logic before going live.
    Under the correct guidance of Chairman Mao, you’d be in a world of shit now.
    Mind your logic when commenting again. It’s your last chance.


  5. *sniffle*
    *goes to write grovelling self-criticism*


  6. I enjoyed the interview you linked to. More posts in similar format would be interesting!

    On the Dalai Lama and the Global Times, related discussion of Global Times coverage of this issue can be found at:


    It’s possible that I go to far in this particular post on the critques of the Global Times, but that is for you to decide, I suppose.


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