Social Democrat’s EU Election Campaign

The SPD (German Social Democrats) is telling me that only financial sharks would vote for the FDP (Liberal democrats). The poster to the left is part of the SPD’s European Parliament Elections campaign (elections due this coming  Sunday, I think), and it says “financial sharks would vote for the FDP” (which is kinda neoliberal a party). Financial shark (Finanzhai) is a broader concept than loan shark (Kredithai).

SPD European Parliament Election Campaign 2009

The Beauty (FDP, right) and her Beast (SPD, left)

It’s a real broad concept. It could mean anything from investment banker to locust.

The SPD has similarly nice words for other competing political parties: poverty wages would vote for the CDU (Christian Democrats), hot air would vote for the PDS (Left Party), and so on.

Alright… now I know why I must never, ever vote for the Liberal Dems, the Christian Dems, or the “Left”.

But why t. f. should I vote for the SPD?

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