Basic Human Rights for Taiwan’s Daughters-in-Law

The government’s plans to open Taiwan up to Chinese investment, and to relax restrictions on Chinese spouses’ rights to work and inherit shouldn’t make people worry, says the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC, 陸委會). Rather, strengthening the rights of Chinese spouses living in Taiwan should be seen as a return to basic human rights for Taiwan’s daughters-in-law (陸配就是台灣媳婦, 只要合法在台居留就應該有工作權,這是回歸基本人權). The government would continue to base its policies towards China on the principle of “priority for Taiwan, benefits for the people” (以台灣為主、對人民有利).

President Ma pointed out recently that the easing of policies toward China were meant to make up for the lost eight years, to let Taiwan’s relations with [update/correction: China] normalize, “but this doesn’t mean that the government only attaches importance to mainland China”.

The Mainland Affairs Council said that although it was true that Chinese investors can invest 100% in Taiwan, administration of these investments would be stricter than that of normal foreign investment. If Chinese investment came through a third party and exceeded 30 per cent of that investment, it wouldn’t be considered foreign, but Chinese investment.

The rights of Chinese spouses to inherit would be limited to two million New Taiwan dollars, says the Mainland Affairs Council. As for the right to work, they mostly worked in catering, care, and similar lines of business and therefore wouldn’t affect the working opportunities of the Taiwanese.

Source: BCC (中國廣播公司), Taipei, April 24

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