Yuan Weijing kept from Travelling

Most of the content of this post is based on translations from Teng Biao’s blog. Corrections are welcome.


Yuan Weijing (袁伟静), wife of blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚), has been under virtual house arrest since 2005. According to Amnesty International information of Tuesday, she was kept from visiting grieving relatives after the death of her brother in law, Luo Kengren. On his blog, Teng Biao (滕彪), lecturer at the University of Politics and Law in Beijing, describes the incident, based on a phone contact with her of April 19.

She was kept from getting on a bus several times for more than half an hour, apparently by semi-official “watchmen” (看守人) hired by Shandong authorities, and called the emergency number 110 five times, with no reaction from there.

A dialog between her and one of the “watchmen”, overheard on the phone by Teng Biao (“watchman” apparently believes it is another try by Yuan to call 110):

Yuan: On which basis do you keep me from going?
W: I don’t want to keep you from going, but I have no choice. What can I do when you are trying to go?
(A noise suggests that Yuan is pulled back.)
W: If you go on like this, I will tell them to carry you back.
Yuan: Go ahead, then.
(Noise similar as before)

Yuan: Don’t touch me!
W: I didn’t…
Yuan: So what do you think you are doing?
W: Yuan Weijing, you can’t stay here for even a minute. You won’t go today, don’t waste your time.
Yuan: How can it be that noone takes care of this matter?
W: How can it be that I’m talking with you at all…

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