Taiwan Media: Freedom Weakening?

It’s sad that most people in Taiwan are not aware of it — they’re like frogs gradually cooking alive in warm water: By the time they realize the water is boiling, it’ll be too late.

Yeh Chu-lan (葉菊蘭), former Taiwanese Presidential Office secretary-general, on a forum on freedom of speech, April 12

3 Responses to “Taiwan Media: Freedom Weakening?”

  1. I am laughing so hard…

    The freakn media in Taiwan is so terrible, especially the news. Taiwan media is just a glorified village housewives gossip network. I would shed no tear if every media companies burns down tomorrow and all the reporters dies in the fire, because they all chase meaningless sensasionalism or partisan hack all day every day every single minutes of the day. Extra serving for the stupid political talk shows.

    I’d prefer not to be aware of it because I am SO SO SO tired of the terrible media in Taiwan that I wouldn’t mind some peace and quiet. Honestly what Taiwan need is for all the media to self-destruct so new companies can come along and build better media.



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