“United Chinese Association”: Keep the Liar Out!

Dalai Lama: causing good patriots sleepless nights

This dangerous JACKAL is completely IRRELEVANT.

The United Chinese Association, which represents 28 organisations, says New Zealand should follow the lead of South Africa, which refused the Dalai Lama a visa in February.

Association chairperson Steven Wong says the Dalai Lama spreads anti-Chinese government lies. He believes the visit could harm ties between New Zealand and China.

Mr Key says the Dalai Lama’s applications will be processed in the usual way, like everyone else.

He says New Zealand is a free and independent nation that can invite whomever it likes.

Radio New Zealand, April 3, 2009

Geez. That’s shameless. Who does Mr Key think he is?

6 Responses to ““United Chinese Association”: Keep the Liar Out!”

  1. Indeed the cheek of him!

    Now what have the Chinese ever done for the Tibetans?

    Oh yes they’ve built schools. Of course there are so many millions of Han transferred into Tibet and they deserve an education just the same as back in their own homeland.
    Now the Han Chinese CCP is not into overt racism, of course not, the covert variety is much more insidious and ever so much more difficult to be “proven” and to be accused of.
    So yes Tibetans are allowed to attend these Han Chinese schools, where they’re assigned to dustbin classes with second rate teachers in attendance.
    But they also must speak in a foreign language, mandarin, and aren’t allowed to communicate in their mother tongue.

    And yes the Chinese built hospitals, the Han do get sick a lot in these high altitudes of this foreign occupied country. And indeed, the Tibetans are allowed to go to these hospitals, if they can afford the treatment and finally ever get to the front of the waiting list. Intriguing how they always seem to be at the bottom of these waiting lists for government services, whereas Hans find themselves in the reverse situation.

    And true they’ve built roads and trains, well yes a great boon indeed – for the extraction of natural resources, the mobility of the Han Chinese Military and the transfer of ever more Han into the occupied country of Tibet to fulfil the CCP’s grand plan of the “Final solution for Tibet”: the complete Hanification and total extermination of the Tibetan identity.
    With this great network of transport infrastructure the Han Chinese Military and PAP is able to attend to the Tibetan’s every need in and instant, whenever and wherever they need the Han Chinese to help them. Was a great boon during the uprising against their overlords by these ungrateful subjects.
    In reality these roads are of no use to rural Tibetans and are exclusively built for the extraction of natural resources and the deployment of the Han Military.

    Oh and they’ve built some irrigation systems, to plant rice instead of the traditional barley, which is well suited to the Tibetan conditions, but the Han just don’t like it.
    So the Tibetans were forced to plant this Han crop, which of course inevitably failed, leading to widespread famine and resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, courtesy of the Han’s CCP dictate of improving the lot of the – Han settlers!

    And true under the Han dictate there have some housing projects been built for Tibetans.
    Firstly, in urban areas, Tibetans have already lost their property which is now state owned and given over to Han settlers. They must then pay for these mostly unaffordable ghetto prisons, which are kept well separate from the much more desirable Han settled areas. And if they complain or fail to meet the required payments they forfeit their ‘right’ to it and with it their payments.
    In rural areas the herders are driven off their ancestral lands, which is confiscated by the Han overlords, and they then are herded into their very own ghetto prison, where they’re under PAP surveillance 24/7.
    Too far to commute to any work, and having lost their livelihood, their herds of livestock, they eek out a subsistence of utmost degradation and denigration, without any medical services or other modern conveniences available to them.

    And yes the Han overlords made great ‘democratic’ changes in Tibet.
    Now they’re governed by a ‘democratic’ party, with Tibetans being allowed some token positions in local ‘government’.
    But of course the Han CCP reigns supreme, and dictate is all coming from abroad, Beijing that is, with the local party branch implementing all these decisions and the local TAR government fulfilling the role of just another piece of window dressing and a smokescreen to cover the covert Han racism.
    And on a local level of course the real decision makers and power positions are all staffed by Han, and they get something like 85% more salary than in China proper, plus three months paid leave for every 18 worked, just as enticement to settle in occupied Tibet.

    Then there are business grants, low interest loans and tax concessions for Han settlers. Of course Tibetans never receive such largesse and privileged treatment, they’re very, very lucky to even just obtain a license to operate their own business! And then competing against all that dosh being heaped on all these Han Settlers proves such and overwhelming obstacle to success, that it is rare to find a business owned by Tibetans in their own country.

    Now let’s do the accounts:
    The value of the extracted timber alone by Han Chinese far exceeds all the cost of the infrastructure they’ve put in place for this very purpose.
    But then there is the oil, iron ore, gold, hydroelectric power – some 200,000 MW, bauxite and every other natural resource, which is all shipped back to China for the sole benefit of the only privileged creed under this Han regime, the Han.
    All of this amounts to a multiple of many thousands, but more likely many millions, in value of illegal looting of resources from Tibet for the Hans’ sole benefit, of what they’ve ever expended in Tibet to build roads and infrastructure to extract it. Which is of no use for the Tibetans at large in any case.

    Of the 221,000 km2 of ancient forest Tibet had in 1949 before the invasion, almost all has since been clear-felled by the Han invaders, with the resulting erosion and land degradation causing huge problems with flooding and irreparable damage to the environment.
    Let alone the massive dumping of nuclear and toxic waste, the over-farming and the extreme overuse of pesticide and fertilizers in marginal lands, which have all but rendered vast tracts of Tibetan soil barren, toxic and no-go territories for millennia, courtesy of the kindly Han occupiers who just came to ‘liberate’ the poor Tibetans.

    The CCP have treated Tibet and Tibetans alike with the utmost contempt, brutality and barbarism in a way only possible by a regime and creed which has systematically been conditioned to view the occupied race as inferior, backward, barbaric, liberated by them, in ‘need of development’ and who in any case have been subjects of their creed, the Han, for all of their history! (Notice the oxymoron contained in this?)

    Free Tibet from what? Indeed!

    Some History lesson!

    Some of the reasons for China’s occupation of Tibet !


  2. I just hate it when countries like New Zealand try to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations, such as China.


  3. justise: I must say that you are a very unharmonious person. Your comment hurts the feelings of mylaowai, justrecently and the feelings of the Chinese people.


  4. Indeed, I shall seek some harmony in CCP ‘philosophy’ and will forever repent.
    But before I go into retreat, this last remark:

    And of course they’ve ‘liberated’ the serfs from their “atrocious” life of bandage and suffering.
    Except the intent never was to liberate anyone when the Han Chinese Communists overran the country of Tibet, it was pure imperialism and aggression against a defenceless country.
    Neither the 17 Point Agreement mentioned anything about liberating anyone, nor when the Tibetan Parliament was dissolved in 1959.
    It was just a gratuitous takeover by the Han invaders, but what ensued was for more sinister than what had ever befallen any Tibetan, of whatever social strata they may have been.

    Under the old feudal system serfs had some decorum of dignity and liberties, and the so called ‘aristocrats’ were in fact not much better off.

    Any torture implements and practices were in fact of Chinese origin and were introduced by the Chinese under the Qing dynasty.
    But what the Chinese today call ‘serf liberation’ amounted to nothing more than the appropriation of all Tibetan land by the Han Chinese state and the forced “collectivisation of production”. And what that meant was in fact the enslavement of the entire Tibetan population to the CCP dictate, and that in turn meant the complete mismanagement of production and the planting of crop to suit only the Han occupiers, which inevitably failed and resulted in massive starvation and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    Then there are the purges of ‘reactionaries’ and anyone suspected of harbouring some sentiments for independence, which saw hundreds of thousands of Tibetans killed at the hands of the Han occupiers.
    And then there is the total destruction of the Tibetan cultural heritage, some 6,000 monasteries and whatever was of Tibetan cultural significance.
    And what wasn’t destroyed in a maleficent orgy of deprecation, was looted back to china and then sold on the international art market for the sole profit of the kindly Han occupiers who only came to liberate and help.

    But the real story is in today’s situation, where the Han occupiers have institutionalised policies of repression, discrimination, torture and denigration on a scale unimaginable, under which countless have been murdered and tortured to death.
    Then there are the thousands of Tibetans which are missing, yes just missing.
    Tibetans have nowhere to turn to, and asking questions about their relatives’ whereabouts could cost them their own lives as well.
    What could it mean to the thousands who are missing today in Tibet under Han occupation?
    Summary execution?
    Tortured to death and the corpse dumped and burnt to disposed of any evidence?
    Forced labour in one of the many labour camps?

    Remember this is the 21st century no less, and not something the CCP has dragged up and completely distorted from over 60 years ago.


  5. My feelings are still hurt.



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