WordPress Apparently Unblocked in China

This blog is found by unusual searchword combinations – and more traffic than before. Apparently, blogs hosted by wordpress are currently not blocked in China.

The CNN/Time China Blog reports that it is unblocked for the first time since it moved to WordPress.


Update (December 15, 2009)

As this post is getting a lot of traffic recently, I should update this… As the Time China Blog correctly noted, the Net Nanny is cruel and capricious. To my knowledge, the opportunity for patriotic and law-abiding Chinese citizens living in their motherland to call foreign bloggers idiots right on the scenes of their crimes ended long ago.

3 Responses to “WordPress Apparently Unblocked in China”

  1. Figures, now that I’m not living in China.


  2. Net Nanny loves you. She saved you from a lot of unhealthy stuff. Now it doesn’t matter any more.



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