South African Government Blocks Dalai Lama Visit

The Sunday Independent said the Chinese embassy in South Africa had confirmed its government had appealed to South Africa not to allow the Dalai Lama into the country.
(…..) The Dalai Lama was invited to participate in the conference by Archbishop Tutu, Mr De Klerk and former South African President Nelson Mandela. (Reuters)

Source: Daily Nation, Kenya, March 22

As a government we have not extended an invitation, and therefore the issue of a visa does not arise.
Ronnie Mamoepa, foreign affairs spokesman

We would not do anything to upset the relationship we have with China.
Unnamed South African official, quoted by Business Day

Source: BBC, March 23

10 Responses to “South African Government Blocks Dalai Lama Visit”

  1. For a pretty sharp comment on this, you may wish to read “China’s foreign policy: bully, blackmail, or buy them” post here:

    Btw, I think there will be a riot soon on Stuart’s site, soon, judging by the response to his previous post. I’ll stay out of it, both there, and here. It pisses me of too much, which in turn compels me to say things neither you, nor him, approve of.


  2. Thanks for your restraint, Neddy 😉
    Though I’d say that so long as commenters show respect for each other personally, I really appreciate comments.


  3. Human rights is a big stick, wielded by those who think they are morally superior; and when this stick is swung back at them, they pretend not to take hits.

    You say you are righteous and I say I’m righteous. Which one is righteous, only God knows.


  4. “你说你正当,我说我正当。到底谁正当,只有天知道。”
    You say you are righteous and I say I’m righteous. Which one is righteous, only God knows.

    This sounds to me like if choices don’t matter.

    “I’m not a man of faith, but seriously; God help Africa now.”
    I don’t want to be nasty, but Stuart sometimes reminds me of Denethor, the last steward of Gondor. To look into the palantír for reference is one thing. To believe that it can explain the world is another.


  5. Get on Twitter. Please.


  6. If I decided to stop blogging, I probably would, Alex. But I can’t blog and micro-blog, and I tend to write rather long posts.



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