Hermit: Delegates Make a Big Difference

Hellooo there, Lianhe Zaobao!

Hello Zaobao

Hermit the (angry patriotic healthy again) Taoist Dragonfly

you are complaining about Hu Xiaoyan (胡小燕) *), delegate to the National People’s Congress. You write today that when she was asked by “official television” yesterday what kind of problems her constituency (migrant workers) are currently facing, and what her motions would be during the NPC session, she appeared timid and without much to say, almost like she herself didn’t know about the situation of those she represents as a delegate.

You are falling for shameless foreign propaganda, Zaobao. Ms Hu is very efficient, she just doesn’t talk to the media about important issues!

But OK! You want to hear a delegate with some public resolve? Here you are! Imam Ma Shouxin (马寿新) from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Consultative Conference, has a big plan (even though it’s only for the consultative conference). On this picture, you can see how he is preparing a draft resolution in his modest hotel room! This resolution draft is against “Xinjiang independence”, and he is going to hand it over to the Consultative Conference for discussion!

He told reporters on March 2 that the central government is too tolerant with the “Xinjiang independence” elements! These elements are guilty of serious terrorist and sabotage activities, and although the central government has always been fighting against them, it is too soft-hearted (心肠太软), its measures are too gentle (手段太轻), and leaves too much leeway to these elements!

Now, the good imam wants to make sure that while safeguarding the peoples’ freedom of religion, it must also strengthen the power of its strikes against the “Xinjiang independence” elements!

Without such delegates, nothing would happen!! And you think a delegate to the NPC like Ms Hu is doing less?!


Hope this will satisfy you.



*) the video included in the linked article is of 2008. The television interview zaobao.com refers to was conducted on March 5 this year.

5 Responses to “Hermit: Delegates Make a Big Difference”

  1. Update

    Ma Shouxin also says that separatism couldn’t be seen separately from support by foreign forces. Otherwise, it was impossible that such tendencies could develop within only eighteen years.
    The article also quotes Chinese media saying that after the UN had rated the East Turkestan as a terrorist organization, the National Endowment for Democracy (if that’s what 国家民主基金会 means) had continued to support East Turkestan financially, but offers no further details.

    A source that looks more serious to me is here. But if true, Beijing would have to talk with Islamabad, rather than with Washington, to get outside support stopped.



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