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Friday, February 27, 2009

President Ma unfreezes 228 Memorial Foundation’s Budget

Different from the same time last year, Taiwan now has a president who is apparently deemed quotable by the Chinese press (though of course not referred to as president there).

Ma Ying-jeou is quoted by many PRC publications as saying that Chiang Kai-shek bore responsibility for the 2-2-8 massacres in 1947. 228 stands for the memory of massacres committed by KMT troops in Taiwan on February 28, 62 years ago. Wikipedia has some information and links (the neutrality of the article is disputed).

In a speech at the February-28 Museum in Taipei the day before yesterday, President Ma said that whether the truth to be found is communally divisive, the Academia Sinica should continue its historical research on the February 28 incident.

On February 24, he told  that of course he [Chiang Kaishek, 蔣介石] is responsible. Although president Jiang said that one should not retaliate, he was the national leader. Of course he is responsible, I have never denied this. Ma said that when rating the merits and shortcomings politicians, it shouldn’t be done blanketly in either direction, but issue by issue, but when there were wrongs and problems, one shouldn’t hide them, but check the facts and make them public with a calm and sober heart (重點是要把真相查證清楚,用平常心讓真相公諸於世).

Taiwan’s legislature, already dominated by the KMT at the time, had frozen the 228 Memorial Foundation‘s budget last year. Ma promised last Sunday to unfreeze the budget, but DPP legislator Lee Chun-yee (李俊毅) expressed doubts on a press conference that the ruling KMT would allow the foundation to operate independently.

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