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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When the Unfree Sees a Free Pest Bird…

From one of Hu Jia’s letters, on Zeng Jinyan’s blog:

When the Unfree See a Free Pest Bird, They will Like it

In the Severe-Punishment Detention Center (the Western part contained the death row), we treated the mice [or rats?] as pets and fed them. The youngest of us four inmates in the cell was 30, the oldest was 47 years old, but the fun was universal. Also, everyone felt that as it was the Year of the Rat, one shouldn’t reject the rats.

We appointed one inmate who was one year younger than me to take care of the spiders, too. He had to look for mosquitos to feed the spiders.

When I was transferred from the detention center to prison, I saw a lot of people taking care of grasshoppers and snails, too, conscientiously seeking leaves for them. For some inmates, it is a way to sustain themselves spritually, affecting happiness, anger, and sadness.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zeng Jinyan: Short Family Reunion

Zeng Jinyan met Hu Jia in prison yesterday, after more than three months. Her impression is that he looks much older than last time. “Maybe he sees me the same way!”, she notes. Hu Jia passed the work security tests and will start working soon, either welding or other heavy-industry kind of work. He had a medical examination on Febr. 4 (but still doesn’t know the result).

The supervision mode has been changed from tight (严管) to normal (普管). Ms Zeng explains that theoretically, this means that could make three phone calls or send text messages. On February 26, one third of Hu Jia’s prison term will be over.

Ms Zeng had brought their daughter Bao Bao with her, and the family had some happy moments together.

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