Net Nanny: Bad Time to go to Tibet

No unhealthy stuff

No unhealthy Stuff

Esteemed Foreign Tourists,

this is a bad time to go to Tibet. Don’t even try to go there now. It would be an offense. Everything is alright there, the patriotic forces are in full control, it’s just that people in our colony the Autonomous Region are too busy celebrating their liberation from serfdom. That festivity is a new but genuinely indigenous custom there, invented by the CCP people themselves, just as the Three-Self Patriotic Movement was a spontaneous reaction by Chinese Christians to defend themselves against the invasion and bullying of laowai colonialists and imperialists in the early days, and just as our illustrious Great Firewall was spontaneously invented by patriotic netizens who don’t want to be exposed to all that porn.

Before you can go to Tibet, you have to study their history very carefully and attend a course and an exam. Contact your local Confucius Institute for a comprehensive brainwash comprehensive instructions (twenty hours) at a special price. So, maybe next year you can go to Tibet. Meantime, you are free to do sightseeing of the great Han civilization elsewhere in China. Anytime. (Changes Reserved.)

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