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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hirche retires

Tough childhood

Tough childhood

Walter Hirche, Liberal Democrat (FDP), resigned his post as Lower Saxony’s minister for economic affairs and deputy prime minister on February 18. He had announced his departure in January. His successor is Philipp Rösler.

The Nordwestzeitung in Oldenburg says that as a child, Mr Hirche was beaten up because of his Saxonian dialect (he was born in Leipzig). Later, he only missed an airplane crash by missing the plain plane.

This is what Saxonian sounds like.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zeng Jinyan barred from meeting Gao Yaojie

Prof. Gao Yaojie (高耀洁), a gynecologist physician from Henan and an AIDS relief worker, had planned to meet up with Zeng Jinyan. Prof. Gao is in Beijing on invitation by Hilary Clinton who is on her first visit to China as US foreign secretary.

Zeng Jinyan was stopped by the state security police when leaving her home and was forced back into her flat.

Zeng Jinyan and Hu Jia visited Prof. Gao in Henan in 2006. Prof. Gao has been to Beijing before. In February 2007, after a period of house arrest at her home in Henan, she was in the capital for visa matters. Wang Longde, vice-minister of health until that year, and the health ministry’s disease control section’s manager Hao Yang paid her a visit on behalf of then vice premier Wu Yi.

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