Chinese Ship Lost in Sea of Japan after Russian Navy Operation

On Wednesday, a Russian FSB border control department spokesman admitted that one of its ships had fired more than 500 rounds at a fleeing Chinese freighter with a crew of ten Chinese and six Indonesians. Eight sailors are reportedly missing or dead. Originally, Russia had presented the incident as a “rescue” operation. The owner of the Sierra Leone-flagged ship was Tongyu Shipping Zhejiang, which had leased the vessel, named New Star, to Hong Kong’s J-Rui Lucky Shipping Company.

Chinese government’s spokeswoman Jiang Yu said on the apparently routine Thursday press conference that China had called on Russia to “to spare no effort to help search for the missing crew members and quickly find out the causes of the incident”. She didn’t comment further.

The New Star had apparently left the Russian Far Eastern port of
Nakhodka without permission, after an unresolved dispute about the quality of a rice consignment, and smuggling allegations.

According to Shanghai Daily, the shooting took place in international waters.

7 Responses to “Chinese Ship Lost in Sea of Japan after Russian Navy Operation”

  1. 500 rounds of what?
    5 mm small rifle rounds or 250 mm heavy howitzer shells?

    Anyways, not very surprising. They once again drank too much Vodka.


  2. The BBC isn’t Jane’s Defence Weekly, so they weren’t technically elaborate. But as the Russian side was apparently a border guard boat, or maybe several, I’d think of a rather small calibre gun. It must take a real lot of pinches to make a freighter sink, I guess. (If it wasn’t the rough seas after all.)


  3. This incident probably doesn’t have any impact on the Chinese-Russian relationship. A few days ago they signed some multi billion oil deal, according to media reports. A ship more or less doesn’t change anything. I would go even so far to say, that the result of the investigation is already set by the Chinese propaganda ministry. They won’t spend money on a real investigation. Yeah, my opinion about the Chinese government is at a real low point at this moment. I should stop reading news for a while. Doesn’t do me any good.


  4. Guten Freunden gibt man halt ein Schüsschen. *snigger*
    (Sorry. I know this isn’t funny at all.)


  5. ah, 30mm projectiles. 🙂


  6. Small, but bigger than what I thought. Anyway, breaking news:
    In what appears to be a retaliatory move, the Chinese navy has sunk Russian flagship aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov with a sewing machine (4000 billion stitches).
    Grinding his teeth, a Russian government spokesman said on a press conference in Moscow that the Kuznetsov had
    encountered danger.



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