When Your Dictionaries aren’t Good Enough…

… consider Google Translate – or Wikipedia.

Random Matters discusses a rather technical approach (too technical for me).

An apparently more mundane Wikipedia-Chinese approach was suggested by Junjie last year.

I’m sometimes wondering how people learned Chinese without the internet.

3 Comments to “When Your Dictionaries aren’t Good Enough…”

  1. The code examples I gave were certainly technical, but the dictionary site I put up (maybe hidden between all the techy stuff) is not, just type: http://reganmian.net/en-zh/word and you’ll find all the translations containing word (or better yet, make it a Firefox keyword)



  2. Thanks for another tool!


  3. Howdie!

    I have currently developed an application that performs a similar task, by tapping into the power of Wikipedia to translate terms across languages.


    For most of it’s articles, Wikipedia provides the equivalent expression of that concept in other languages.
    With MemeMiner you can effortlessly find out how a certain idea is expressed across the language spectrum.

    I’ve used some some AJAX / JSON / jQuery magic for the interface.

    Go take a peek and let me know what you think!


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