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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hermit detects American Economic Occultists

Hello Children,

Our ideas belong to the great fella up there

The (still secret) Laffer Curve Cult's Prayer Breakfast

today I’m telling you why it took the American Congress so long to pass another “stimulus package”. It’s because many senators and representatives wanted it to contain more tax breaks.

Also today I’m showing you an American cult which is going to become America’s governing party within five or nine years. They will cut tax once again, even though it was done before, in the 1980s, and never produced the intended results. Cult researchers usually refer to them as the Secret Laffer Curve Cult’s Prayer Breakfast Associates or as the Old Magic Elephant Boys.

Their ideology is based on a so-called Laffer curve. The theory behind it suggests that somewhere between a tax rate of 0.1 and 99.9%, there is the ideal tax rate that will generate most tax revenues – governments only need to find and choose the ideal rate. One problem is that they believe they know where that point in the Laffer Curve is. Another problem is that no matter if you hit the right point in the Laffer curve, you still can’t spend as much money as you want. So, if handled the way it was in the 1980s or during the recent eight years, it probably won’t work, because it didn’t work in the past either.

Anyway, the cult will come back within nine years, because Americans usually have short memories.

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