Chinese Tourists in Taiwan

Last year’s visiting numbers from China were lower than expected: 61,000 visitors from July to December 2008 (about 300 per day). Up to 3,000 visits per day had been expected, and that had also been the official maximum limit, reports the VoA.

To encourage more travels, China increased the number of travel permissions for twelve provinces, the maximum duration of stay was increased from ten to fifteen days, and Taiwan has pledged to gradually make travelling formalities easier.

This year’s Spring festival is the first peak travel season after these agreements were put into place. The average is reportedly more than 1,000 visitors a day, and they could become more than 10,000 visitors during the 9 days of Spring festival.

Ali Shan and Sun Moon Lake are hot spots. Almost 95% of Chinese visitors have been there. The rapid transit system and book stores are also places of interest.

Issues of complaints are the pre-planned shopping points. The VoA article doesn’t elaborate, but 定点购物 means something like fixed-location shopping. To avoid lawsuits and disturbing cross-strait harmony, JR will not elaborate. Fixed-location shopping is something all-inclusive tourists from everywhere in every place will be familiar with. In total, the expected 10,000 visitors during the nine holidays might be good for earnings of 500 mn NT Dollars.

Some Chinese were also missing their traditional New Year’s Evening Show (New Year’s Eve). Some travellers cut their sight-seeing short and returned to the restaurant to watch Taiwan’s equivalent show, but there wasn’t any.

Nothing but a barren island.

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