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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Net Nanny: True Friendship needs no Communication

Dear Net Nanny,

No unhealthy stuff

No unhealthy stuff

I have a problem. When travelling, I sometimes have to use computers which don’t write or even read Chinese characters. In one case, I was confronted with the excuse that Chinese websites carry too many worms and must not be viewed, because they can harm the computer.  But I feel that this is an encroachment on my freedom of information. What should I do?




you are a useless blogger. It doesn’t matter if you get access to real information, or if you remain brainwashed by the Dailai’s website, the BBC, or CNN, or the Taipei Times, unless you join the productive forces of the World Harmonization Movement and add supportive comments there.

Such platforms are available both in Chinese and English. They are doing a heckuvajob. Your Chinese sucks anyway, but that doesn’t matter. Think of your former chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. He doesn’t even speak English. Angela Merkel speaks both English and Russian. But who is the Great Friend of the Russian People?

Besides, the Chinese motherland is getting stronger by the day. We are already bigger than you. All computers in your country will speak Chinese very soon.

Think about it, and prove in your actions that you are becoming more harmonious.

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