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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Net Nanny: Hermit Needs a Break

News for Kids, s/on –>

Dear Children,

Hello Children

Hello Children

don’t be worried. Hermit is very ill, but everything is under control. The poor benighted serf suggested that we should commemorate August 29, 1842, as a day of  China’s liberation from serfdom, because it was a big punch against feudalism.

Of course, he can’t be with you now, dear children. But don’t worry. Thanks to Chinese science, he will be restored.

After that, our television station’s party secretary will pay a few visits to his sickbed and help him to repent, and Hermit will be a healthy, self-strengthening member of our society again. Until then, we’ll take good care of him.

Hermit needs a Break

Hermit needs a Break

Maybe after some years of self-criticism and administrative labor, he will even be back!

<– news for kids, finish, s/off.

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