Voice of Germany Chinese Department in Translation, More…

Xinhuanet, on December 22, published a report on the hearing at the Bundestag (German parliament, on December 18), concerning the Voice of Germany (Deutsche Welle) controversy. It starts with a detailed account of who was invited to the hearing, and ends with the remark that the opponents of Zhang Danhong, among them Wei Jingsheng, issued “a stream of non-specific criticism”.

Xinhuanet: Wei Jingsheng had to admit that he had never listened to the Deutsche Welle programs.

Then again, according to an article by Wei Jingsheng on December 28, this wasn’t news:

As a matter of fact, I have said from earlier on that I would not listen to the broadcast of the Deutsche Welle’s Chinese service that has been speaking on the CCP’s behalf.

The Social Democrats’ parliamentary group considers the allegations concerning the Chinese department’s government-friendliness invalidated (entkräftet).

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