Lipo-Energy Sculps

A certain Dr Bittner is going back to South America to volunteer with a small clinic, according to his website earlier this month, quoted by the Daily Mail. There were two more possible reasons for his departure: several patients filed a lawsuit against his practice for allegedly allowing his unlicensed girlfriend to carry out operations – and although it is illegal in the U.S. to use human medical waste to power vehicles, Dr Bittner (and his patients?) had volunteered to save the world by turning the excess lipo into biodiesel.

He could have saved a lot of animals instead of the environment: there are dogs who /which enjoy the pulp out of lipopractices’ trashcans won’t eat that much canned meat, as we learn from Douglas Coupland’s “Generation X”. Is it illegal for liposculptors to keep their trashcans unlocked, too?

Another Daily Mail quote from Dr Bittner’s ex-website: liposculpture is a far more advanced form of liposuction.

That sculps.

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