Hermit: How China lends a Helping Hand

Hermit the (angry) Taoist Dragonfly

Hermit the (angry patriotic) Taoist Dragonfly

Hello Children,

here is another patriotic piece which warms my heart.

We Chinese are just too good and honest, too honest to other people. China was bulied by other countries all the time, but we never bully other people for our own dignity but are still criticized by the values of others. *Sigh* We are just too good and honest.

The international financial crisis has a big impact on our country, too. I’m wishing my own country well first of all! I hope that China will be safe!  And when we have solved our problems, we will help other people, our African brothers for example. – http://news.qq.com/a/20081219/002296.htm

But as far as Europe, Western countries are concerned, we can’t help you. WHY? Because in the eyes of some Western media, the global crisis comes only from China.

Almost everybody knows that the global financial crisis stems from America. America – really a great country. They don’t get their act together, but produce the more bullshit, all they do is looking out for scapegoats, to accuse other people, shrink from their responsibilities. They fight like mad, wow! Is that so-called DEMOCRACY?

A big French financial newspaper spitefully and vilifyingly says that China’s thirty years of opening up is one of the factors that created the global financial crisis, and also, that the reason that America is heavily in debt is because China had accumulated huge amounts of foreign reserves, and the real-estate crisis also comes from China’s opening-up policy and from unbalanced reserves. – http://news.qq.com/a/20081221/001161.htm


Look at this piece of sensationalism: http://news.qq.com/a/20081222/000292.htm

Only Western countries are allowed to export arms, right? China must not do that. Gangster logic!

When they can sell arms to Taiwan, we can sell arms to Iran and Zimbabwe. That’s only fair!

Give us some rice porridge, media! Try another trick!

China can’t help Western countries, China can only care for itself, and maybe for Asia, Africa and other friends.

European Union, the West… (…) Solve your problems by yourselves! Keep on sensationalizing…

See what happens, children? See what happens?! China would have saved you, if you had been decent people and if you had read China Daily in the Kindergarten! Now, you only have yourselves and your nannies to blame!

You are finished. Got to fly now.

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