Skull Divertimento

skull divertimento

skull divertimento


Me was in an undemanding situation at skull for an hour or so. Had to pay too much attention to the situation to let real paperwork distract myself, but too little to do to do nothing by myself. So I watched the situation with my left eye, and did this little divertimento (see picture) with my right hand and my right eye.

What was going on inside my skull? I don’t remember. Maybe nothing.

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5 Comments to “Skull Divertimento”

  1. I don’t know if this will help, but the symbol of the skull and crossed-bones originated as a symbol of the Templar Knights, the Medieval Crusaders who guarded the site of the Temple in Jerusalem.

    It seems that the Templars revered a skull, a relic of a yet unidentified saint. It might have been the skull of John the Baptist, but I think it was the skull of someone else.


  2. My thoughts (if any) while creating this opus were probably about something less historical. Btw, ic no big problem with Mr Duncan. I don’t think he has to be great at grammar, as long as he does a successful job.


  3. Just learned from my dicchenery that this thing in fact spells “school” and not skull. Usually, the English language has so few words standing for so many different things, but not here. It’s I to blame for this misunderstanding, of course.


  4. Dude, that’s a cool post. But your mother and I are starting to worry about your state of mind. Might I suggest a martini?


  5. My Mom don’t no this blog. Btw, look at Ned’s comment above. He could use a martini too.


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