Zeng Jinyan: Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

Taiwan milk tea as it is sold in mainland China tastes strong and sweet. Hong Kong-style milk tea tastes more bitter. When the State Security offers me tea, I usually choose Hong Kong-style tea.

This afternoon (December 16) State Security again “invited me for tea”. First to talk on the Charter 08: two questions, one suggestion. Question 1: is the signature on the charter yours or did someone else go under your name? Question 2: did you read the Charter from the beginning to the end? Weren’t you aware of the gravity of signing? One suggestion: think about this matter; after all, Hu Jia is still in prison.

The second topic was the award ceremony of this year’s Sakharov Prize. They said I will be faced with the same situation as last time when European Parliament officials comes to see me. My understanding of what the State Security said is that if people come to Freedom City (自由城) to see me, the plain clothed police may surround my home and the guards stationed in the stairway may also stop me from leaving the building. I didn’t find out if they [European Parliament officials] will be able to talk with me again.


Suggestions and corrections on this translation are welcome.

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