Vote for MyLaowai

Chinalyst has opened its China Blog Awards 2008. Justrecently isn’t competing but has voted for

This is meant to be sort of a recommendation to do likewise, so I should say why. I’ll give you my reasons in a Chinese order – I’ll start with more trivial reasons and finish with my most important reason.

a) The Baby Panda will get “it” otherwise

b) mylaowai inspired this beautiful blog to come into being

c) mylaowai is (mostly) funny,

d) classy writing and

e) provocative

I’d like to say a bit more about “e)”. In my view, some of the mylaowai content is either bad taste or offensive. But it seems to me that much of the spirit in which all that stuff is written can be found in the comment thread here – and blogging is about speaking your mind.

You will find a lot of commenter reactions to mylaowai’s posts, sometimes nodding in agreement, sometimes critical, and sometimes hostile and in pretty bad taste too.

I’m thinking of as a litmus test: How far do Chinese (often living overseas themselves) and foreign readers disagree with mylaowai? How far do they agree? And most crucially: how much free speech can the supporters of China’s leadership or its status quo stand? speaks through its posts, and through its commenters. Among all the China-related blogs which I know, I think mylaowai is exactly what a blog should be like.

The place to vote is over there.

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3 Responses to “Vote for MyLaowai”

  1. Thank you, Justrecently. It’s nice when a reader gets the point of what and how I write, and it’s nice of you to say so.

    My mother, on the other hand, would probably just tell you not to encourage me 🙂


  2. And mine wouldn’t encourage me to encourage you. But the times are changing, and we are living in interesting times (which I’ve heard is no Chinese curse).



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