Visiting Hu Jia: Don’t mention the Sakharov Prize

The following is a blog entry from of today. Ms Zeng’s post title is I saw Hu Jia on Friday.

Last week, the State Security Police came to talk, and I was rather anxious, and as I felt strained and tired, I didn’t want to talk too much.

Afterwards, the State Security went to Hu Jia’s parents to talk with them and told them that Hu Jia was aware that he had won this year’s Sakharov Prize. On November 20, the State Security arranged separate meetings between Hu Jia and his parents.

On November 21 I went to Beijing Municipal Prison (北京市监狱) to visit Hu Jia. I didn’t take Bao Bao with me. In advance, all of us were warned by the prison police not to mention the Sakharov Prize; otherwise the phone line for our conversation on the two sides of the glass shield separating us would be cut immediately.

Hu Jia’s state of mind is still OK. We mostly spoke about the child’s growing up and her education. Hu Jia said that he can eat two hot meals per day now, and that this was twice the nutrition he had got at Chaobai Prison. As for the cold water for showers, he said he uses it as kind of training. He told his parents on November 20 that after a security examination, he should prepare to work as a welder in prison.

He underwent blood tests in October, but we all don’t know the results yet. On November 12 he was notified that he should undergo another blood test. Until now, we don’t know that test’s results either. I’d like to ask he prison staff to inquire. At the time, the staff I talked with said he didn’t know and would let us know after getting information.

I’m worried if the test results are unusual, or if the anti-virals have led to a resistance. There have been two tests within less than a month without informing Hu Jia or us about the results.

I asked when the next meeting would be, and the prison staff said I should await their notification.

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