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Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter comes to Bremen

It was windy today, and rainy, with some snow in between, humid and cold. At nightfall, the wind had abated, and the rain turned into snow altogether. Now there’s one or two centimeters on the roads and squares, and it may become 15 centimeters until tomorrow, according to the weather forecasts.

It’s a beautiful, silent night without much noise in the city even though it’s Friday. Replace Liege with Bremen on your mind, replace the new lovers on a square with a big, illuminated circus tent, think of the Weser River instead of the Meuse, listen to this song by Jacques Brel [update], and that’s Bremen now.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tibetans in China contribute to Tibetan Exiles’ Dharamsala Debate

Jigme Langjia or Jinme Langjia (晋美朗嘉) isn’t world-famous. Actually, noone seems to know who he is. But his name isn’t unknown when Tibet is the topic. Jigme Langjia is apparently a Tibetan living in Beijing, sometimes referred to as an analyst or scholar by websites like Boxun. On April 12, Xinhuanet’s reference materials section published some views by a certain Jigme Langjia on the propaganda work concerning Tibet. I’m not at all sure if the article on propaganda and one demanding an early return of the Dalai Lama and an end to his demonization were written by the same man – but I have a hunch that they are. In section two of his article on propaganda work he also advises the media not to refer to the Dalai Lama simply as Dalai.

In general, there seem to be efforts by the Chinese leadership to modernize its propaganda tools.

Woeser’s Blog quotes a request by 108 Tibetans residing in mainland China, apparently as a contribution to the current Dharamsala General Debate. At the core is the wish for an early return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet, but in all, the paper contains five items. While 108 Tibetan scholars in China seem to have passed it, it is Jigme Langjia who put his name to it. Woeser’s, like all other articles I’ve seen quoting Jigme Langjia, isn’t sure either who exactly he is.

The proposals were apparently drafted in April of this year. Underthejacaranda has published a translation.


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