Trying to Translate

It’s a strange situation when you struggle with this kind of text. It tests my language skills to the limit, and beyond. Zeng Jinyan’s post of November 4 looks pure, simple and demanding at the same time, and it feels a bit unseeming for me to tackle it. I’m certainly no good Chinese-English translator.

But this is a blog. This is my personal battleground. And I’m realizing how fortunate I am that in so many cases, I can choose my battle grounds according to my own wishes.

Everyone should have this right of choice, with no other determiners than personal interest and conscience. Everyone, to begin with, must have the right to learn about these determinators. While translating Zeng Jinyan’s post, I’m realizing this in an almost painful way. I don’t feel her pain of course, because I’m not in her kind of situation.

But it sort of feels like looking into the palantír of Orthanc, into a sea of sadness.

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